7 Months later and I haven't been idle !

7 Months later and I haven't been idle !

Over the last few years I have been wishing that I could be satisfied with all the intricacies which make my smoked salmon what it is. But no .... I've been collecting ideas and notions of textures and taste notes of the odd bite which makes my palate sing . And how I might improve my product and also how to make better use of my smokers without the product suffering

I've been experimenting and practicing. Trying to imbue in a mouthful of smoked fish all of the history of flavours and textures from ancient times until the present. Well, the end result was that I couldn't make anything taste better ..... 

I tried a few things , which , in my head were fantastic ideas but in practice..... No....... Finally I resorted to a small, not at all clever, simple step, and WOW !!!              

My Christmas lunch was fresh home made, room temperature flatbread. Room temperature scrambled eggs and slightly cooler 3mm thick slices of my oak smoked salmon. I cut each slice to seperate the belly and back portions so as not to confuse textures and flavours and cleansed my palate with a glass water..... Ok I know this is pretty nerdy but when the last mouthful was as delicious as the first, I was happy !

Here's to the next 25 years !

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