About Me

After 25 years of smoking salmon and nearer 60 years of filleting fish ( I could sharpen a knife and fillet a flat fish before I learned to write ) !  The smoked salmon I am now producing is a distillation of those years. I have designed and built my own smokers. Living on an almost treeless group of islands in the North Atlantic, I source the logs I use for smoking from the North of Scotland. I make the sawdust myself , to a fineness of my choosing and smoke skinless sides of farmed salmon for up to a week with lengthy chilled resting periods between certain smokings. I collect the farmed salmon I choose direct from the packing station and age the fish for a number of days on fresh ice before preparing them and dry salting the skinless sides .  My smoked salmon is truly cold smoked , the ambient temperature in the smokehouse rarely exceeds 15.C and in winter can drop as low as -4C !

You will receive my smoked salmon as a number of individual vac packed portions.  I only put a use by date of 10 days on any order . This is my guarantee of my product tasting as I wish you to enjoy it. Please store my product, unopened, in a fridge and do not open until you're ready to eat it. Slicing in advance will destroy some of the flavours I have taken days to instil into your smoked salmon treat ! There is also no need to cut thin slices . This smoked salmon will melt in your mouth anyway. If you do have a little remaining after your meal, please try to wrap it tightly in clingfilm and refrigerate as soon as possible. It will keep for another 2 days under these conditions.

Finally, I only produce very small quantities . Your complete purchase will be prepared by me. I hope that you will enjoy the experience.  . . . . 

Thank You .