Sushi. Sashimi. Kaiseki.

by David Parham

For years I have been honing the whole of my smoked salmon process. My path takes me further and further away from typical commercial production and smoking processes . Understanding the skills of the 'Itamae' , the science behind Umami, and the science of fish smoking is imperative . There are no short cuts and there is no end to improving my art.

There is no tradition of smoked salmon in Japanese cuisine and I feel there is no place for the mass produced commercial product in such a highly skilled and labour intensive wonder of the food world. However, flavours like those I produce are hard to find even in the UK and to accomplished chefs and home foodies they represent a distinctly flavourful ingredient which can 'add a twist' to numerous world cuisines or can equally be enjoyed simply and traditionally with good fresh bread and butter.

To those food smokers and chefs and all other true food artisans out there that literally dedicate their lives to producing the worlds best flavours , I salute you ! Please accept my humble offering in recognition of your devotion to your chosen path.