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Flint Sliced Taster Packs of My Smoked Salmon.

Flint Sliced Taster Packs of My Smoked Salmon.

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Many years ago I had a stall at Borough Market in London. Small taster packs of my smoked salmon proved to be very popular. I want to reintroduce the ability for folks to purchase my smoked salmon in an identical format to that which I offer at my tasting sessions. To share and enjoy quietly along with their favourite tipple. My favourite would be a good Single Malt either Speyside or Islay but a good Nordic Akvavit , Rum or Brandy works well too. I've never been a wine person but something with a hint of dryness or a Champaigne would work. If I were a little peckish, then a fresh baguette made with good French flour and a dollop of butter always worked for me..... but always with the smoked salmon on the side. The flavour of a hint of oakwood ash and the long finish and aftertaste are what stands out for me and I find adding any additional flavours to my smoked salmon masks or destroys these elements which have taken years to discover and weeks to achieve. And Always Flint Sliced !

Single pack size 40g minimum. Price is per pack.                               Royal Mail Special Delivery and packaging cost will be added at checkout  . £10-00 + VAT (up to 10 packs ) Please allow 3 days for delivery.

Sorry ! UK only at present.....

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